Joint Ventures & Business Entities

Starr Finley attorneys construct deals that achieve your business objectives while minimizing risk and legal concerns. We are facile in all legal and tax aspects of the formation and operation of new entities and have created hundreds of structures for corporate investors, real estate developers, individuals and trusts. Our structuring experience is wide-ranging and includes sophisticated equity financing, private placement equity for large funds and for individual “one-off” investments, tenancy-in-common structures for tax-advantaged investments, and single-member limited liability companies for multiple and single investors.

We understand the unique needs of each client and help weigh the benefits for each situation. We are experts in the formation and capitalization for stand-alone entities at the start-up stage, as well as later-stage recapitalizations. We also are singularly skilled at the formation and operation of public/private ventures for local development and investment projects and development of utility infrastructure.